Health Safety & Environmental Policy

Our Program Includes

Random Worksite safety inspections
• Weekly Toolbox Safety Talks
• Site specific safety co-ordination with Clients
• First Aid, CPR and AED training
• Confined Space training
• Use of Personal Protective Equipment
• Other specialized topics as per Clients and OSHA requirements

TRAYO CONSTRUCTIO PVT LTD. #1 goal for its services is the protection of personnel, equipment, and the environment. By maintaining comprehensive guidelines for proper EHS management of our personnel, we provide the safest and most regulatory compliant personnel in the industry. Our emphasis on safety starts at the top of the organization and is taught to all personnel as the major basis for project performance. Our EHS guidelines provide the basis for all site specific programs that are used throughout the world. With a high level of safely consciousness, TCPL personnel maintain high levels of productivity and get the job done either on time or early.