•    Fabrication & Erection of all type of IBR & NIBR piping jobs (CS, MS, SS, GI, Inconel, Duplex, AS P5, P9, P11 etc.) respect of Firewater, Cooling Water, Under ground OSU / CSU piping, Utility piping, Rack & Sleeper Piping and Unit Piping.
  •    Cross Country water, Oil & Gas Pipeline.

Industrial Structure

  •    Fabrication & Erection of Structural works like Gantry Girders, Crane Girders, Conveyors, Light & Heavy Trusses, Dehydrators, Circular, Cross Over Platform, Handrails, Cages ladders etc in various plants like Power Sector, Cement Plant, Fertilizer Unit, Oil & Gas Refinery & Chemical Industries.
  •    Offshore Structure like Tubler Offshore Platforms, Pile Pipe, Pile Cap etc.

Equipment Erection

  •    Erection & Alignment of Rotary, Static Equipment of various types & Capacity with related piping accessories.


  •    Making & Dismantling of Scaffolding Onshore & Offshore, Tubler Type, Hanging, Circular & as per site requirement.

Ship Building

  •    Fabrication & Erection of various types of Ship Blocks, Hatch Cover, Dry Dock Intermediate Gates, Heavy Lift Goliath Crane etc.

RIG Fabrication & Assembly

  •     Fabrication & Erection of various types of Rig Blocks, Spudcan, Leg, Lower Guide, Hull etc.

Bolt Torqueing & Tensioning

  •     Structural & Piping Bolt Hydraulic Torqueing & Tensioning.