Fabrication & Erection of all type of IBR & NIBR piping jobs (CS, MS, SS, GI, Inconel, Duplex, AS P5, P9, P11 etc.) respect of Firewater, Cooling Water, Under ground OSU / CSU piping, Utility piping, Rack & Sleeper Piping and Unit Piping.

   Cross Country water, Oil & Gas Pipeline.

Industrial Structure

 Fabrication & Erection of Structural works like Gantry Girders, Crane Girders, Conveyors, Light & Heavy Trusses, Dehydrators, Circular, Cross Over Platform, Handrails, Cages ladders etc in various plants like Power Sector, Cement Plant.

   Offshore Structure like Tubler Offshore Platforms, Pile Pipe, Pile Cap etc.

Equipment Erection

  Erection & Alignment of Rotary, Static Equipment of various types & Capacity with related piping accessories.


 Making & Dismantling of Scaffolding Onshore & Offshore, Tubler Type, Hanging, Circular & as per site requirement.

Ship Building

  Fabrication & Erection of various types of Ship Blocks, Hatch Cover, Dry Dock Intermediate Gates, Heavy Lift Goliath Crane etc.

RIG Fabrication & Assembly

 Fabrication & Erection of various types of Rig Blocks, Spudcan, Leg, Lower Guide, Hull etc.

Bolt Torqueing & Tensioning

  Structural & Piping Bolt Hydraulic Torqueing & Tensioning.